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SiteGround: Features and specs

May 2021
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When talking about top hosting providers, SiteGround should surely be on your list. It is widely recognized and known as a good web host. More so, they are recommended by WordPress, which a lot of people use.

When talking about top hosting providers, SiteGround should surely be on your list. It is widely recognized and known as a good web host. More so, they are recommended by WordPress, which a lot of people use.

SiteGround is a popular choice for people who need website hosts because, unlike others, they are committed to their customers' success. Normally, web hosts do not include virus scanning software that prevents an infected website from infecting another. However, SiteGround does this for any website it hosts, and this makes it a popular choice.

We'd be looking into the features and specs of SiteGround. So let's go straight to it:

1. SuperCacher: 

This is one of SiteGround's best features that enables your website pages to load in split seconds. There's nothing better than a website with great speed. An average internet user expects a website page to load in less than 2 seconds. No one is ready to wait for more than 4 seconds for a site to load completely; they'll lose interest and move on to the next available website. Site speed is very important for any website, especially if you are running an online store. You don't want to chase your potential customers with slow loading.

SiteGround's SuperCacher is an innovative development that boosts up a site's loading speed by 4x. Also, it increases your site's hits by up to 100 times.

2. Customized Hosting Solutions:

Every website is created for a different reason from the other. It could be a business website, blog, educational website, and so on. Of course, you may love to customize your website to fit its purpose. SiteGround offers customized hosting solutions to its users. It is done by choosing hardware and developing custom software. The reviews on this particular feature are very great to show that users appreciate it. SiteGround has made a name for itself as one of the leading website hosts and with game-changing technologies.

3. Ease Of Use:

No one likes anything that stresses them out, or that is difficult to navigate. Another great feature of SiteGround is that the back end is effortless to use. You don't need prior practice to navigate around it, as your intuition will quickly help you. More so, you won't be confused with the pages or subpages. You can also customize it to fit your needs. By customizing, it means you can decide what sections you need and the ones you do not need. 

SiteGround's backend is modern and easy to use. If you are looking towards getting a website, you may want to check it out.

4. Unlimited Sub-domains:

With SiteGround, you can create as many sub-domains as possible. Note that with the start-up plan, you can have just one website and unlimited with other plans. Your website can be freely installed on a free SiteGround subdomain. To host multiple domains, you'll add them from your "client area" to the website and then add a new website.

However, if you choose to get a new domain name for your website, you must register it on SiteGround.

5. Shared Hosting:

This SiteGround feature is helpful for new website owners or beginner users. If you're just starting a website, getting traffic to your page may not be all that easy. SiteGround's shared hosting feature allows you to share resources with other sites that are hosted on the server.

It doesn't matter if you are a new site user or not. Some sites have been on long enough but still don't have enough visibility. So, let's say this feature is suitable for low-traffic website owners that want visibility for their site.

6. Installing Application:

SiteGround has a feature that enables users to download and install several applications. These applications include WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, and so on. More so, the entire installation process is very easy, straightforward, and without hassles. An added advantage is that you can easily install applications in a few minutes.

7. Beautiful Templates:

One thing that attracts and keeps a user on the site is the website layout. A beautiful website that can be easily navigated is sure to keep users coming back. SiteGround has several beautiful templates that one can choose from. Its goal is to create beautiful and fully functional websites that people will love. 

The templates and theme installation are free for websites hosted by SiteGround. As a result, you can give your website a beautiful look and keep visitors awed by it.

8. Automatic Backups

Backups are an essential aspect of hosting as something could go wrong unexpectedly. SiteGround makes an automatic backup for your site every day. In this way, you can choose to restore any version of your site you want. Also, you can restore the entire website or restore specific parts that you need. Of course, these parts are so indicated. It could be emails, databases, or files.

9. Refunds And Guarantee:

Everyone might not love the same thing you love. In essence, everyone has different tastes and likes. Concerning SiteGround, not everyone may choose it. It is not the most affordable hosting provider out there, and so you will need a cut-out budget for it. You can go on a month's trial, and if you are not satisfied, you will be refunded.

This means that SiteGround has a 30-day refund guarantee. In addition, the host promises to deliver more than 99.9% uptime and will compensate you if they don't deliver.

10. Assistance and Support:

SiteGround is very positive with assistance and support. If you encounter any issues while using them as a website host, you can easily reach out to them through email, phone, or live chat. This feature helps the users ease, knowing they can quickly be attended to if any problem arises.

SiteGround also has various support materials and guides for users to refer to.


SiteGround is one of the top leading website hosts, no doubt. If you want to have a website, you can quickly check its features and specifications and see if it works for you.

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