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SiteGround: Pricing and value for money

May 2021
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Over the years, SiteGround has been widely known to be a reliable website host. This is because of all the many benefits it comes with and the perfect easy-to-use interface. In addition, it holds a 99.7% user rating in terms of customer satisfaction. That's pretty impressive.

Over the years, SiteGround has been widely known to be a reliable website host. This is because of all the many benefits it comes with and the perfect easy-to-use interface. In addition, it holds a 99.7% user rating in terms of customer satisfaction. That's pretty impressive.

What about the pricing, though? Does SiteGround have plans that are other good value to money? Is the pricing worth the services offered? Well, we will be looking into that and more in this article. Let's go on.

SiteGround's Hosting Plans And Pricing

1. Shared Hosting Pricing

Shared hosting is a feature SiteGround developed for website owners who get little or no traffic on their page. Especially for beginners, you may find it challenging to get the required traffic to your page at first. The shared hosting feature lets you share resources with other sites hosted on the server. It is the cheapest hosting on SiteGround since it is shared. The pricing structure for it may get confusing, but you will get it right eventually.

Usually, SiteGround accommodates three (3) shared hosting plans which start at $3.95/month to $11.95/month.  After the first term, you will have to pay the regular price. However, there are discounts (special prices) if you're going to use it for a long time. Let's say you pay an upfront fee of three years; you'll pay a special price, which is the discount, thereby saving up to 70% every month. But the issue here is that not everyone may want to commit to a web host provider for such a long time. 

It is, however, important to choose a hosting plan that matches your needs and not just your budget. You need to choose the right features at the lowest price possible.  For the shared hosting, you can choose from the start-up plan, GrowBig, or GoGeek plan.

Startup plan: Starts at $3.95/month to $11.95/month. This offers 10,000 monthly visits, 10GB space, and hosting just one website.

GrowBig plan: Starts at $5.95/month to $19.95/month. This offers 25,000 monthly visits, 20GB space, SuperCacher, and unlimited website hosting. There's also free site transfer, data transfer, and you can collaborate with others on your site.

GoGeek plan: Starts at $11.95/month to $34.95/month. This offers 100,000 monthly visits, 30GB space, unlimited website hosting, every GrowBig feature, client management, Git, and advanced support.

Shared hosting is a popular choice for those who want cheaper hosting solutions that are convenient and affordable.

2. Cloud Hosting Pricing

If you want a more advanced website hosting solution, then SiteGround's cloud hosting is the one. It supports SuperCacher, daily backups, and excellent uptime performance. More so, you won't be hosted on a single server as resources will be pulled from various servers. The plans start at $80/month, and there are four different plans to select from. 

Entry plan: This is $80/month and offers 2 CPU correspondence, 4GB memory space, 40GB SSD, and 5TB of transfer data support.

Business plan: This is $120/month and offers 3 CPU cores, 6GB memory space, 60GB SSD, and 5TB of transfer data support.

Business plus plan: This is $160/month and offers 4 CPU cores, 8GB memory space, 80GB SSD, and 5TB of transfer data support.

Super Power plan: This is $240/month and offers 8 CPU cores, 10GB memory space, 120GB SSD, and 5TB of transfer data support.

The cloud hosting plans are a bit expensive, but they are very reliable to build a good eCommerce website. Also, you can configure your cloud and choose the number of codes you want. 

3. Dedicated Hosting Pricing

If you don't want basic web hosting and need access to specific advanced tools, you should consider dedicated hosting. It features advanced tools such as daily backups and plugin support for SuperCacher, Joomla, WooCommerce, and Cloudflare.

This particular hosting plan is suitable for conversant with how SSL certificates, GIT, SSD, and DNS work. If you know how to use them, their dedicated hosting will appear very easy for you to use. The plan is suitable for more extensive business websites that attract lots of traffic. More so, you won't share your data center with anyone, and in essence, there will be lesser downtime. This plan is costly as it starts from $269/month. There are three plans to choose from:

Entry Server plan: This costs $269/month and offers Intel Exon EX-1230 SSD, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 8 CPU, 480GB SSD, 8MB CPU cache, 10TB bandwidth, and 4 CPU cores 3.20Ghz CPU speed.

Power Server plan: This costs $348/month and offers everything from the entry server plan, including 32GB of DDR3 RAM and 960GB SSD. 

Super Power Server plan: This costs $729/month and offers everything from the Power Server, including an extra Intel Exon, 2.00Ghz clock speed, 2 x 960GB SSDs, 64GB of DDR3 RAM,15MB of CPU cache, 10TB of bandwidth, 2 x 6 CPU cores, and 2×12 CPU,

For this hosting, everything is managed for you, and you get 24/7 VIP support. You can also choose where you want your server to be located.

4. WordPress Hosting Pricing

This is a custom package that SiteGround offers. You can get special hosting for your WordPress website. There are three plans to select from, and they are basically the same pricing as that of the shared hosting. This means that while signing up, you will pay a fee of $3.95 for that first term and move to $11.95  for the following months.

One spectacular thing is that WordPress will recommend SiteGround to you as the website host to use. And the pricing for this WordPress hosting is an excellent value for money compared to other web hosts out there. Apart from WordPress, you can get custom hosting for WooCommerce with SiteGround if you are running an eCommerce business. Since this WordPress hosting plan is the same as shared hosting, you will get the same features. However, there are some extras, such as one-click installation and automated updates.

5. Reseller Hosting Pricing

As the name implies, this plan allows buying one year's hosting and then reselling to another person. This is great for people that need opportunities other than website creation. However, reseller hosting works differently from others. Here's how it works- you use the hosting to buy credits that work the same way a year of shared hosting works. You can then resell these credits for a monthly fee. In essence, you become an intermediary between SiteGround and the person using the credits.

There are three types of the pricing available, and they all depending on the number of credits you purchase. There is:

1-4 credits: This costs $49 each

5-10 credits: This costs  $45 each

11+:  This costs $42 each

You need to buy at least five credits to start the reseller hosting plan, and you can resell to anyone at all. The more you purchase, the more discounts you get.

6. Enterprise Hosting Pricing

SiteGround may not be the most affordable hosting provider, but its versatility will always keep them one step ahead. You can choose from several hosting options and find one that explicitly fits what you want. For this enterprise hosting, you can design your plan. This means you can pick the resources you want and choose exactly how you want your website to be hosted. SiteGround will then manage every other thing on your behalf. It ensures that your resources are tailored to suit your needs. There's no particular pricing structure for this since it is bespoke. You choose your specifications, and your pricing will be tailored to it.

Extra Expenses

After getting your suitable hosting plan, there are going to be other purchases. You will have to pay for a domain name. This means that there's no free domain name with SiteGround. For this web hosting provider, there are no extra expenses such as email hosting costs. However, you could pay an extra setup fee if you're looking to get a trial plan.


It is quite true that SiteGround's pricing is expensive and complicated too. However, it offers good value for your money. The pricing starts at $3.95 monthly, right up to a whopping $729 monthly. So, if you are looking to get the best out of web hosting providers and with excellent value for your money, then you can check through SiteGround's various plans. You will surely get one to fit your website needs. If you are confused, you can go through this guide and get details to help you out.

Also, don't forget that you can get huge discounts if you are willing to use SiteGround for the long term. One great benefit is that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee should you decide that SiteGround isn't the best hosting provider for you. You can easily cancel and request a full refund. You can also choose to disable your account immediately after canceling.

Choosing the right website hosting plan is quite complicated and confusing. So, you think to sit back and decide carefully before investing.

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