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SiteGround Speed, Reliability, And Security reviewed

May 2021
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SiteGround is one of the leading website hosting providers out there. There are many benefits attached when you use one of its plans. However, we'd be focusing on its speed, reliability, and security.

SiteGround is one of the leading website hosting providers out there. There are many benefits attached when you use one of its plans. However, we'd be focusing on its speed, reliability, and security.

SiteGround's Speed

For every second a website takes to load, your frustrations begin to pent up. Well, it doesn't only happen to you as a one-second delay can literally frustrate any internet user. Worse, you lose interest and look for another website that loads faster. So here's what happens if, as a website owner, your site takes time to load:

You'll lose customers

Decrease in general customer satisfaction

Lesser page visits

Fewer page views

Lesser conversations and conversions

No matter how excellent your site content is, you could ruin everything with a site that loads slowly. This is why you need to pay the utmost attention when choosing a hosting provider. No one is going to stick around with your slow-loading pages till you fix the issue. You can fix the loading time by compressing images, reducing site redirects, optimizing your plugins, and improving server response time.

The server response time is the duty of your web hosting provider. It would help if you got a hosting provider with speedy servers. A website's server response time is the amount of time it takes to get information from a server. The faster time it takes, the better. SiteGround understands the assignment and uses sleek hardware and software to make sites hosted by them fast. It uses SuperCacher, Cloudflare, and PHP to enhance speed.

  • SuperCacher is SiteGround's interesting feature that helps your site to load faster up to 4x. It also gives your site up to 100x more hits. There's the Static Cache, Memcache, and Dynamic Cache.
  • Cloudflare has several connections, and they're used to exchange points worldwide. For example, since it's connected to SiteGround, if a user visits your site, data will be taken from the closest exchange point from the user and result in high loading speed.

Also, SiteGround keeps its software up to date, and this helps with the speeding process.  Outdated software may lead to unnecessary slowdowns and downtimes. By maintaining and constantly updating to the latest software, SiteGround keeps your website running round the clock and with fast-loading pages. If you're looking for a web hosting provider to give your website that speed to help your business, SiteGround is your best bet.

SiteGround Reliability

The question of reliability in web hosting is, "will your website be up and running 24/7/365 without facing any downtime?" Then, how reliable is your hosting provider? If you are running a business website and you experience downtime, you will lose a lot of customers. It could be that your potential customers were trying to purchase at the time of the downtime. They may be frustrated and leave your website. When choosing a website hosting provider, you must do concrete research and read up reviews on the host you want to use. And I must say, SiteGround is a very reliable website hosting provider. The reviews on them are very significant. It offers 99.9% uptime, and this is excellent.

Because of how reliable SiteGround is, it is the official hosting provider recommended by WordPress. If you encounter any issues, you will be attended to as soon as you reach out to their support. Some hosting providers will make you wait hours before responding to you. In that space, you would have lost a lot of potential clients and business deals. In less than five minutes, SiteGround would react to you, making them all the more reliable. You can phone them, send an email or use live chat. Whichever one you use is sure to get a swift response. And so, the customer support and help show how reliable SiteGround is.

Another thing to point out in SiteGround's reliability is that what negatively affects a website connected to SiteGround won't affect other websites. Why? Because SiteGround has developed and implemented server isolation technology. So, even if you are using a shared hosting plan, you won't experience any problems.

There's also automatic backup for your website in case anything happens. This means you can quickly restore your previous data and information.

In all, SiteGround offers:

  • Instant customer support 
  • 99.9% uptime
  • SuperCacher technology
  • Automatic backups

SiteGround's Security

Website security is very paramount because if there are any mishaps, you could lose your website data and probably your website too. This is why SiteGround has gone the extra mile to make sure that users website is very secure. As a leading website hosting provider, it would be disheartening if the millions of websites connected to them were not secure. We talked about Isolation technology earlier. Yes, this particular development protects servers from being infected and affected by one vulnerable server. So, if you are choosing the shared hosting plan, you are completely safe. This is how SiteGround keeps websites secure:

They use the latest PHP 7 version and with the latest security updates

The servers have ModSecurity installed on them

Security rules are updated weekly, thereby preventing common attacks

SiteGround monitors vulnerabilities and develops firewalls to help shield websites

The use of IDS/IPS systems that block any malicious attack

Steady updates for WordPress

Keeping databases up to date with the latest security patches.

Also, SiteGround makes sure that any user's data is accessible to trusted personnel on request.


SiteGround, as a leading web host, knows all it takes for a website to be fast and secure. This is why they are reliable in these aspects, amongst others. So many website owners are using SiteGround, and good reviews keep coming in. While you are looking for a hosting provider, be sure to get one that is trusted to keep your data and information safe. Everything doesn't have to be done within your budget as there are other essential things to check apart from that. Will your website loading be fast? Are your details secure? Is my host reliable? SiteGround answers "yes" to these questions and more.

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