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SiteGround: Customer support review

May 2021
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If there's anything spectacular about SiteGround, it's how seamless and supportive their customer support is. Their support team is known for being friendly, helpful, and fast. Of course, most web hosting providers may assure you that they are available 24/7 round the clock to attend to your needs.

If there's anything spectacular about SiteGround, it's how seamless and supportive their customer support is. Their support team is known for being friendly, helpful, and fast. Of course, most web hosting providers may assure you that they are available 24/7 round the clock to attend to your needs.

By the time you discover that those are just mere words, you may have paid upfront hosting fees. You find yourself waiting hours upon hours for them to attend to you and sort your website issues. SiteGround's customer support takes it one step ahead of other hosting providers. Why? Because they are swift to reply to messages.

Website users may encounter an issue or need advanced help for certain technical issues. Of course, not everyone is supposed to know even the basics. And that's why there are customer support channels. At this time of difficulty, you would probably love to reach out to your hosting provider to help you out. For SiteGround, you can easily give them a call, send an email, or use live chat by creating a ticket. In less than five minutes, you will be attended to. That's very fast. And this is what SiteGround's many users love about them. The reviews are there and reviews don't lie.

Requesting For Support And Help

Overall, SiteGround has a great user interface and you may not encounter problems. But if in case you have any issues and you want assistance, it's good to know that there are agents to help you. For those using the GoGeek plan, you are automatically connected to expert SiteGround technicians that would help you out if you are facing any difficulties.

The support team is very helpful, well expertise, and knowledgeable too. It may interest you to know that there are tips and guides to help users while they find their way around SiteGround. These guides will let you in on everything you need to know to succeed with SiteGround. If issues come up, you can refer to this guide but if it is something advanced, you can then request support.

To request help and support, log in to the client area. Search for the question mark icon at the top right corner. Click on it and choose the view help center. Then go straight to the contact us option. Follow suitable instructions and you will be attended to. You will be required to provide information regarding the issue you are facing. Then, an appropriate channel will be recommended for you. It is best to use the channel suggested so you can get a faster response.

If you want the live chat option though, you will be directed to chat with an agent. If, on the other hand, you want your support through a phone call, a number to call for support will be displayed. If you also want to use a ticket, you'll fill in the form and send it in. Your ticket will then be sent to the appropriate authorities.

SiteGround's Value For Customer Service

SiteGround values their customers and they do everything to ensure that every user had something positive to say. They do this by making sure there is a great user experience and good customer support. There are values for customer service and here's how it is achieved:

1. Capable Professionals:

SiteGround ensures that everyone who is attending to a customer is capable of directing them rightly and solving their issue. Of course, you cannot give what you don't have. Not everyone can attend to customers and help them solve an issue. This is why only capable experts are used for this job. They go through a lot of training under professional mentors. They also get a lot of evaluations. The training helps them know more about SiteGround than the primary users. Being ahead of the users, they can now offer support to them.

2. Friendly Attitude:

No one wants an agent that would be rude to them. They're paying for your service, so it is only right to treat them well. SiteGround's agents are very friendly and with a great attitude. They handle issues with utmost care and this results in a good client relationship. You can say that the support team works with their brain and heart.

3. Client Empowerment:

The support team does not only help users to solve immediate issues. They also empower them to handle future problems on their own. How is this done? Well, they write articles and guides that help to educate users on how to become webmasters of their own. If you read the guides properly, you can solve issues on your own without contacting a customer agent. Of course, there may be technical issues that will need advanced technical knowledge, and this is when you can contact a support agent.

4. Fast Problem Resolution:

The system suggests the fastest channel for your issue. And again, that channel is fast to respond too. SiteGround aims to solve user's problems as quickly as possible without going back and forth. This is done with the multiple help channels available.

In all, SiteGround wants its clients to have utmost trust in them. In the end, you will get the best out of your website without any hassles. The customer satisfaction rate of SiteGround is at 98% and this is quite impressive.


While choosing a web hosting provider for your website, think about the future and not just the present. In the long run, if you encounter any issues, can you get a swift response. If you are running a business website, you will understand that any issues with your website might just affect your sales. Therefore, you need to consider all of that before choosing a host. SiteGround is the ideal website for seamless and fast customer support. It may not be the cheapest out there but you will get value for your money. You can use the trial and get your money back if after 30 days you decide you don't want to continue with SiteGround. However, you will definitely see reasons to go on.

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